Split Infinitive: Application Criteria
Before applying, please note Split Infinitive has a relatively narrow criteria for applicant consideration - the Trust's main area of interest is supporting students studying performing arts as well as live and performance arts. If your application is not arts-related, it is unlikely to be accepted.
Although we may consider applications which do not strictly fall within the listed criteria, they should have a definable connection to the criteria below.

Ideally, applicantions should:

Be from students on performing arts courses (e.g. music, drama, dance).

Be related to live or performance arts, in general or education.

Have a Yorkshire focus - or at the very least, a regional focus.

Be between £200 and £400.

We do not support:

Non-arts related courses or applications.

General running costs of an organisation or individual.

Projects outside the UK.

Charities seeking funds for their own grant disbursement.

Please note:

Students whose arts course is not strictly within the mentioned categories (music, drama, dance), should check with us first to see if the course might be eligible before making an application.

Unfortunately repeat grants are no longer available. It would be much appreciated if applications for repeat grants are not submitted.

Application forms which are not completed in full will no longer be considered. Please ensure all fields are complete for applications to be considered.

If you feel your application meets the above criteria, application forms can be found

If you have any queries regarding the criteria for applications, please contact:
splitinfin@haydonning.co.uk or:

The Administrator
Split Infinitive Trust
PO Box 409
YO11 9AJ

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